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Those piles of clutter hold no value in your life and must be eliminated from your abode. Whether you want to get rid of that old microwave, oven, or refrigerator that you bought long time back or your mother’s old wardrobe or bulky furniture, you are keen to reclaim your space. Perhaps you envision renovating your space with modular technology. At Action Junk Removal Mountlake Terrace, we honor and respect your decision to part with the bulky unwanted stuff and can happily remove the junk. You can trust us for all types of junk removal in Mountain Terrace. No job is trivial or cumbersome for us.


If you have a great deal of clutter and wish to eliminate that, do not wait any further to get rid of it. Connect with us to remove the trash and vacate your space. We are passionate about trash removal, for our motto is to remove junk and take it to its final destination. Junk removal is a passion for our hard working crew. We are a team of professional trash removal guys that believes in customer service.

With the junk gone, you’ll feel more in control of your life and enjoy that peace of mind that comes with a clean and green environment. Get rid of the clutter to restart life in a clean, organized space, without the mess hanging over. Junk brings with it emotional stress and when you can clear that away, you can better enjoy life.

Whether you are a homeowner, business, landlord, real estate agent, or tenant, we can assist you in removing your junk. If you wish to eliminate clutter alone, then you can opt for junk removal. However, you might need a dumpster if you’re doing remodeling, renovating, or construction.

Why send trash to a landfill when 80% of it can be put to use? Action Junk Removal Mountlake Terrace can prove this, because we’re dedicated to doing the best for the environment. You might have any type of trash, we are happy to haul it away so that it does not end up as a pile in a landfill. We are proud of our waste removal services and happy to take steps to preserve the earth.

Our hard working, dedicated, and efficient trash removal team believes in clean and green and we leave no stone unturned to opt for a green alternative, wherever possible.

If you seek a reliable team of debris removal experts, look no further than Action Junk Removal Mountlake Terrace. We know how to safely handle tricky items, such as electronics, metal scrap, and batteries, which may be hazardous to the environment if disposed of in the open.

With our team of professionals at your service, you will not need to spend hours sorting through the junk. Whether you want only one piece of equipment removed or stacks of junk, we will take care of the heavy lifting. You do not have to get your hands dirty.


You may opt for our dumpster rental in Mountlake Terrace if you are keen to do Spring Cleaning or wish to take up junk removal project yourself. When you’d prefer to eliminate the junk yourself, you should seek out a dumpster rental. Connect with us to rent a dumpster. Choose a container size. We will be happy to drop it off at your property.

You might need a dumpster rental if you are cleaning out years of trash from your closet, garage, basement, and backyard. You might even look for our dumpster if you are only de-cluttering your space. All you need to do is fill up the dumpster and call us back to haul it away.

However, if you have truckload of junk, which is both bulky and big, it is always safe to seek professional junk removal services. There is a high risk of injury involved in carrying bulky stuff yourself. Additionally, you may end up damaging the infrastructure of the property.

Hiring professional trash removal service is a safer way to throw out the clutter safely.

  1. Recyclable
  2. Worth donating
  3. Complete waste
  • Residential – We are there if you need us to haul away your household junk. It might include furniture, electronics, automotive parts and tires, mattresses, and garbage. Let us de-clutter your property, helping you reclaim your space.
  • Commercial – You might need a professional hand to manage junk in your workplace. We are happy to help. Call us for commercial junk removal in Mountlake Terrace and we would come into action quickly.
  • Disaster – Are you dealing with storm damage or flood debris? Let us help clear away the disaster debris, including any non-hazardous items.
  • Storage – If you have been cluttering your storage space with items that you never need, it is high time you got rid of them. It is no use flooding your storage units with items you will never require. It is eating up space. So if you are looking for a helping hand to clean out your storage locker, let Action Junk Removal Mountlake Terrace help because cleaning up the mess on your own will be a daunting task.
  • Moving – If you are moving to a new location, it does not make sense to pay for the trash that you do not plan to use again. So it is a good idea to let professional company that offers reliable junk hauling in Mountlake Terrace does the job of eliminating the mess. You can give us a call when you have the piles of clutter ready.
  • Renovation – Who would do the heavy lifting when you carry out your renovation job? Whether you are renovating a whole new room or updating the bathroom or kitchen, or installing new flooring, it is bound to result in a lot of garbage and construction debris. You cannot leave out much of the concrete debris with your household trash. So the best way to clear the clutter is to get the assistance of professional junk removal experts.
  • Yard Disposal – Getting rid of yard debris is not easy unless you are trained to do so. Homeowners often find it challenging to pick the piles of yard waste. An experienced yard debris removal company can remove your yard waste, lawn clippings, and tree debris and do all the heavy lifting for you. Let us clean up the clutter and eliminate the yard mess so you can sit back and enjoy family time in the bliss of nature.
  • Estate Cleanout – An estate cleanout is not an easy task when you have lost a loved one. But it is essential and you should get in touch with an experienced Mountlake Terrace junk removal company to come to your rescue in such difficult and sensitive time. We will donate items to a charity so they can be put to best use.

At Action Junk Removal Mountlake Terrace, we pride ourselves on being one of the most trusted junk hauling companies in Mountlake Terrace. We love our work and have been providing high-quality removal for over two decades.

We are a team of highly knowledgeable and aware junk removal professionals. We are aware of the federal regulations regarding trash removal and trained on responsibly handling and disposing of junk. When you look for a Mountlake Terrace junk removal company, the idea is to check their history and commitment to the environment. Remember, trash that ends up in landfills only makes mountains of junk that are a big burden on the environment. These mountains continue to grow bigger and taller every day because a lot of trash goes into them.

So when it comes to trash removal from your property, we are happy to abide by our responsible waste disposal principles. The idea is to keep a check on what goes into the landfills. The moment we decide to do your job and arrive at your place, we sort out the junk.

We are proud of our environmental sustainability approach and happy to recycle the majority of the junk. About 60-80% of the junk that we haul away is sent to recycling facilities. The stuff that still has some life left and can be used is sent to charitable organizations. Remember, your trash could bring a smile on someone’s face. It might be trash or useless for you, but the same thing could be a treasure for another person. So it’s a way to give back to the community.

Leverage our knowledge and experience to speed up the debris removal process. Our self service dumpster rental is available for fair, flexible pricing. When you choose a dumpster rental from us, you can benefit from hassle-free drop-off, friendly service, and fair charges.


Friendly, courteous, and competent are some of the qualities of our crew. If you seek an experienced junk removal company with a track record of honesty, professionalism, and affordability, you must trust Action Junk Removal Mountlake Terrace for the best service.