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Is that pile of old furniture sitting in a corner staring at you? Is your old-favorite appliance collecting dust sitting silently in your home? You are unsure what to do with them, right? Well, worry not. At Action Junk Removal SeaTac, we are a professional trash removal company in SeaTac that can seamlessly remove junk from your property and clear up space. With extensive knowledge and experience in junk removal, our rubbish removal professionals will lift, load, and haul the junk to a waste disposal yard, where it is disposed of in an eco-friendly way.

Whether you have construction work underway at office or renovation going on at home, we will pick up all forms of junk from your property and haul it to a safe location. The idea is to ensure that the material is safely disposed of or recycled. We understand that the removal of big household objects can be extremely stressful if you decide to do it yourself. There is a high risk of injury too. Of course, it can be highly inconvenient for you to move bulky objects and haul them safely. Besides, you might damage your vehicle carrying junk.

Remember, SeaTac rubbish removal is the work of experts and requires specialized equipment and training. Moreover, finding the time to remove and haul junk or finding a vehicle for SeaTac junk hauling is daunting. If you decide to postpone visiting the junkyard, you are only adding to the anxiety of living in a cluttered space.

Let us make life little easier for you by quickly, safely, and efficiently removing junk and clearing up space to make the process as simple for you as possible. As one of the leading debris removal companies, we boast a well-trained and experienced team that can quickly pack up your junk and load the material in our 6×8 foot truck beds.

  • Efficient de-cluttering
  • Transparent approach
  • No hidden charges
  • Professional approach
  • Advanced junk removal scheduling
  • Dumpster rental
  • Eco-friendly disposal of waste

Taking care of the environment is your responsibility. The same goes for us too. To fulfill our commitment toward the cause of the environment, we try to use recycling disposal sites most of the time so that junk is repurposed and recycled, reducing our carbon footprint.

Whether you have a garage filled with outdated items or piles of useless stuff, you can rely on our professional rubbish removal service in SeaTac to get rid of waste. All waste products hauled from a client’s location are sorted out to find useable appliances, furniture, and textiles for donation. What’s better than sorting out the products that can be used by shelters, church organizations, and not-for-profits instead of throwing them in landfills only to clog the environment? Items that end up in landfills continue to sit there decaying for years. Some junk ends up in thrift stores too.

Our junk removal crew is committed to the cause of the environment. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of SeaTac junk hauling, ensuring that your old, unused, and waste items are safely hauled and reach the right destination where they can be put to the right use.

We ensure that items that can be recycled never end up in landfill sites. The best thing about recycling facilities is that waste products are salvaged for metals, plastics, textiles, and parts. These salvaged parts are then used for the production of new items.

You can heave a sigh of relief that things cluttering your space and raising your stress levels are actually useful for someone else.


You may not be aware whether the junk piling up in your home is recyclable worthy or not. Worry not! As a leading trash removal company in SeaTac, we can easily sort out recyclable products from your waste. We know what items can be recycled and which ones should head to the dump yard.

When removing big bulk items from your residential or commercial property, we will do the needful and make junk disposal simple and eco-friendly.

Are you in need of commercial or residential junk removal? Is that old piece of furniture or tattered mattress sitting in a corner of your house, office, or storage center giving you a crazy look? Connect with one of the leading debris removal companies today.

Action Junk Removal SeaTac is happy to haul away your old furniture, scrap, mattresses, or any other useless item that has become an eyesore. Whether you need the removal of a recliner, sectional sofa, patio furniture, drawers and chest, headboard, or box spring, let us decide whether the piece of furniture can be recycled, repurposed, and reused. Call us today to remove unwanted junk from your roof, yard, garage, store room, or attic.


Unused electronics must be safely disposed of because they might contain heavy metal and toxic chemicals that are hazardous to health and the environment. Let us safely recycle or salvage electronic items in an environmentally friendly way. The same goes for appliances. We are happy to do appliance removal and hauling for you.


You visualize a beautiful workspace and have started working on your dream. But as the renovation or reconstruction of your office is underway, there are piles of waste that you quickly want to get rid of. Let the premier trash removal company in SeaTac help you clear up the mess, hauling away old, damaged, or worn-out digital equipment, carpet, desks, computers, chairs, and wiring. It’s our promise to turn the messy-looking property into a clutter-free space with zero disturbance and inconvenience to your workforce.


If you are renovating your property, can you simply dispose of the construction debris in the neighborhood? Of course not. When you want to get rid of the rubbish and construction waste, call only the SeaTac rubbish removal experts. Construction waste is heavy and not easy to carry or haul away. It is here that a trained team in rubbish removal service in SeaTac can help load and safely haul away scrap, metal, concrete, plastic, and other construction waste to the right place.


Your storage unit has amassed a lot of waste that scares you every day. Of course, you cannot keep piling unwanted rubbish in the warehouse, which is meant for storing some good stuff. Let our cheap junk removal services in SeaTac come to your rescue and de-clutter the space efficiently and cost-effectively.


Electronic waste can be hazardous to the environment. If you have e-waste, you would want to get rid of it quickly. However, you ought to choose environmentally friendly SeaTac junk hauling services. With decades of experience in electronic junk removal, we are happy to follow an eco-friendly approach to disposing of the electronic waste.


While de-cluttering your home, you cannot neglect the yard, can you? A yard also requires the disposal of waste and debris from time to time. The piles of debris in the backyard could make it an eyesore. Contrarily, a clean yard is the ultimate spot for hosting outdoor parties. If you are wondering how to go about cleaning up your yard, you do not have to worry about it. Let professionals in junk removal in SeaTac do the yard cleanout for you and haul away the debris for safe disposal. We can remove all kinds of lawn waste, from land mowers to logs and branches, wood, and garbage.


As one of the most affordable SeaTac debris removal companies, Action Junk Removal SeaTac is your proud partner when it comes to de-cluttering your space. Let us assess the junk in your property to decide whether it requires a dumpster to haul away the waste. We will be happy to advise whether a dumpster rental will be a cost-effective option to get rid of waste, depending on the amount and type of rubbish lying on your property.

You can depend on our trash removal company to move your household and commercial belongings if you are relocating to another neighborhood or community.

We are just a call away. Connect with us on (206) 590-3118 to explore our range of affordable and eco-friendly SeaTac junk removal services. Let us make junk removal an environmentally friendly process for you.

If you have unwanted items in your residential or commercial space that are destroying the aesthetic appeal of your newly renovated property, you want to get rid of them. But when it comes to disposing of electronics, furniture, yard waste, kitchen appliances, among other items, you should not try to do it on your own. Look for SeaTac rubbish removal professionals. Luckily, Action Junk Removal SeaTac is here to help.

As a licensed and insured cheap SeaTac junk removal business, we offer all-inclusive rubbish removal services. What gives us an upper hand is our commitment to the environment and transparent dealings. We boast trained teams that can efficiently take care of your junk removal and hauling job. With us, you will benefit from: