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The old refrigerator, that broken exercise bike, that old favorite computer of your dad, your granny’s milling machine, that traditional rug, and similar stuff that not find a place in your home must be disposed of somewhere. If you choose to do it yourself, it will be a completely time-consuming process. The reason is the amount of research involved into finding out the best place for your stuff. Additionally, you need to pick bulky equipment all on your own, which is another time-taking and physically as well as mentally straining job. There is a high risk of injury too. But why take the risk when you can entrust West Seattle City junk removal professionals with the task?

Action Junk Removal West Seattle takes pride in being one of the top-rated debris removal and junk hauling companies in and around Seattle. Whether you are in Seattle, Mercer Island, Renton, Lynnwood, Bellevue, Kirkland, Burien, Redmond, Shoreline, SeaTac, or Tukwila, you can easily connect with us for a junk removal job for home or office.


Do you want to get rid of clutter in West Seattle? Call experts that can efficiently handle all the dirty stuff while you do not even need to move a finger. The purpose behind removing junk from your home or office or warehouse is to get rid of the clutter that has become a constant eyesore. A cluttered space is unproductive, uninteresting, and uninspiring. Why would you want to live or work in such an environment? So what is the way out here? The best way out is to get the junk hauled away by a team of West Seattle City junk removal professionals. Action Junk Removal is one of the leading junk haulers in Seattle. We believe that a clutter-free atmosphere is the most productive and inspiring.

  • Basement cleanout
  • Attic cleanout
  • Construction Site cleanup
  • Storage unit cleanout
  • Foreclosure cleanout
  • Hot tub removal
  • Furniture removal
  • Bulk trash removal
  • Garage cleanup
  • Appliance removal and hauling
  • Couch removal

Is the clutter making you feel more stressed? Is the hassle of moving bulky appliances, mattresses, and furniture weighing you down? Worry not! Let our friendly staff take care of all the heavy lifting and hauling for you. We are happy proud to offer stress-free West Seattle City junk removal and hauling services with a promise to give you peace of mind.

From packing to lifting, loading, hauling, moving, unloading, and storing, we can do it all for you at an affordable price. Let us make junk and debris removal in Seattle a fun and enjoyable experience for you.


If you plan to do your own junk removal, you might soon realize that you will be adding up the burden on your shoulders because it will be in addition to the standard business work you do. Not surprisingly, it may take a few days for you to remove all of the junk from the workplace, sort it, and haul it away on your own. Imagine that you are unable to locate a safe place for disposal of all the unwanted stuff. What will be your next step? You might need to dispose it of outside your place of business. Perhaps it might look incredibly boring and unsightly, adversely affecting the visual appeal of your business site. Even worse, it could potentially create a hazardous and unappealing entrance for clients.

It is here that you can rely on junk removal and haul experts, so that the rubbish can be dealt with quickly. You can trust junk removal professionals for:

If you have a commercial junk removal requirement, we can oblige. Whether you’re a small business that plans to relocate to a large office or you are big company with frequent junk removal requirement, you ought to depend only on professionals. At Action Junk Removal, we understand that hauling junk is necessary for your business from time to time. We also understand that for any business, time is money. When you outsource the junk removal task to our experts, we will save you time, energy, stress, and money in doing so.

We can cater to all of your office junk removal needs:

If you have construction or renovation project underway, the need to clear the concrete and debris is all the more essential. Worry not, you can depend on Action Junk Removal for dumpsters or roll-off containers for your construction project.


We are happy to offer a full-service junk removal experience. As soon as you give us the green signal to come and haul away your junk, our teams of professionals come into play. We reach your property at a time convenient for you with a large dump-body truck. When you show us the junk, the crew comes into action, loading the rubbish into the truck. We honor your privacy and do not take up much time.

While DIY junk removal may seem like an easy solution, you might find it too overwhelming and stressing as you start to implement the idea. Remember, moving heavy items is the job of professionals that understand the intricacies involved, from the knowledge of proper disposal procedures to information on eco-friendly recycling and disposal sites. Hiring a professional often saves you time in moving heavy items and disposing them of safely.

You can trust our full property cleaning and removal services:

  • Chairs
  • Table
  • E-waste
  • Electronic equipment
  • Old computers
  • Digital devices
  • Piles of paper
  • Office furniture removal
  • Computer and other electronics removal
  • E-recycling
  • Office appliance removal
  • Property management junk removal
  • Cubicle removal
  • Construction debris removal
  • Apartment cleanouts

Our junk removal professionals are highly trained in the business of debris removal so you can have peace of mind that the junk will soon be off your company premises. We ensure that you get the bang for your buck!

Our full property cleaning services include:

  • Construction site clean up
  • Storage unit cleanout
  • Attic cleanout
  • Garage cleaning
  • Crawl space clean-outs
  • Basement cleaning

If you have just got some landscaping done, you are left with a completely messed up backyard. Well, we can handle the mess for you. We are happy to help you get rid of old chairs, tree limbs, backyard chairs, hot tub, pool, and all types of yard debris that looks unappealing and makes your yard look messy.

At Action Junk Removal, we know what your garden means to you. It brings you peace of mind. Of course, it is the best place for a night-out or a party with family or friends. The sooner it is all cleared up of mess, the better it is for you. If you approach us for West Seattle city yard waste removal services, we are happy to take up the task.

With us, you no longer have to bother about the debris in your yard. We will remove all that you want to from your patio to recreate the kind of ambiance you cherish.


If you choose our West Seattle city junk removal services, you will not have to deal with the stress of getting rid of unwanted stuff. We can take care of all the mess. Our general junk hauling services include:

  • Shed removal
  • Hot tub removal
  • Moving junk removal
  • Playset Removal
  • Estate cleanout
  • Foreclosure cleanout
  • Hoarder cleanout

While your focus is to remove the debris from your space, we think a step further. Our focus is to help you get rid of waste while ensuring that the junk does not end up in landfills.

Perhaps being an environmentally friendly West Seattle city junk removal service, we believe in doing our bit for the environment and the community. We make sure we reduce our carbon footprint and burden on Mother Nature by recycling junk. Sending less waste in landfills keeps the environment from degrading elements. Remember, there are several hazardous items in your unwanted waste, which could damage the environment.


When you trust us with your West Seattle city junk hauling and removal, our priority is de-cluttering your space. To us, customer service is second to none. We offer affordable junk removal in Seattle while simultaneously contributing to the community. It’s our own way of giving back and saving the environment. We are happy to be junk removal professionals, because we are contributing to keep the earth clean and green.

Do you want to dispose of the junk in the landfills or contribute the same to the community?

Let us be your go-to West Seattle city junk removal team for our efficient clean and green debris and trash removal and hauling. We will not disappoint.

  • Worthy of recycling – More than 50% of the waste collected goes to recycling centers.
  • Worthy of donation – A majority of the useable items are donated to charities and church organizations.
  • Worthy of disposal – The remaining debris that serves absolutely no purpose is safely disposed of.

If you want to know how to DIY your appliance removal, disposal, or recycling then see our Guide To Appliance Recycling In Seattle.